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Five Places To Unwind Between Dodging Tear Gas in Davos

So you’re off to save the earth from a one-world government by protesting outside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Bully for you, moonbeam. But while you’re packing up your hoodie sweatshirts, bandannas, and Molotov cocktails, here’s a few spots to take note of for a little fun between clashes with the riot police. Davos is so much more than marching, singing, and heads of state hiding in secured conference centers. Who knows, you might actually get to talk to one of those hard-to-find world leaders while sharing a moment over some Bavarian curling.

The Kirchner Museum Davos
This beautiful modernist building is home to the works of Expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the most successful and respected artist to come out of these parts. But this small, smart collection is not only filled with Kirchner’s often bright, positive work and pieces by other Swiss and international artists in the same circle, but, by linking an artist’s output to where he lived, worked, and found inspiration, it is itself an exploration of Davos.
Kirchner Museum Davos
Promenade 82
+41 81-410-6300
Spielzeug Museum Angela Prader
If you’re anything like us, toy collections give you the heebee-jeebees. But also, if you’re anything like us, you like having the heebee-jeebees. Nominally cute, but sure to be a little creepy, the Angela Prader Toy Museum is a world-class private collection displayed on three floors of a a private home featuring centuries of folk-craft child’s playthings. It’s a perfect distraction from the big-kid problems going on in the city during the Forum.
Toy Museum
Angela Prader Davos
Promenade 83
+41 81-413-2848
Bavarian Curling at Sportzentrum Klosters
You might be familiar with curling thanks to our friends to the north, Canada. Well, Bavarian curling (or “Eisstock”) is an older, somewhat stranger incarnation of the game where the “stones” have been replaced with “ice sticks”, which have a strange elfin look to them. More to the point, Bavarian curling takes even less physical effort than the Canadian version of the game, which means its even better for enjoying while toasting beers with France’s Foreign Secretary.
Bavarian Curling at Sportzentrum Klosters
Doggilochstrasse 51
+41 81-410-2131
Pöstli Club
So you’ve spent all day raging against the machine for the sake of this world’s have-nots. Maybe it would be fun to spend the evening acting like an overprivileged member of the “haves”. Located in The Morosani Posthotel, The Pöstli Club is one of Davos’ many, many chic, upscale hotel bars where tanned bunnies fresh from the slope carouse with well-coiffed financial consultants enjoying bottle service and other perks of unfettered capitalism. Sure, you’ll feel guilty in the morning, but that will just get you protesting harder.
Pöstli Club
Promenade 42
+41 81-415-4500
Bier Vision Monstein
If you hadn’t already noticed by now, Davos is one of the most beautiful mountain towns in the world (no wonder the WEF comes back every year). What better way to enjoy its landscape and sweeping vistas than with a sharp, dry flagon of beer at the highest brewery in Europe. After screaming at The Man for a few days, sitting down with a freshly made brew and a view that can’t be beat should be a little bit of social justice.
Bier Vision Monstein
7278 Davos Monstein
+41 81-420-3060

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