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False Start

SATCTo borrow a line from Public Enemy, Don’t believe the hype! Our friends over at On Location Vacations are reporting that rumors that the second ‘Sex and the City’ movie have “quietly” started filming in New York are 100% false. It’s no surprise that the second ‘Sex’ film is surrounded by rumors after the feeding frenzy for the first. Back in 2007, the film’s producers went so far as to film decoy scenes to keep the plot under wraps. If you do want to see the girls in action, you may want to head to Morocco, instead. The film will be shooting there for up to five weeks, after being denied permission to film at Dubai’s Studio City, when officials for the United Arab Emirates couldn’t get behind a film with the word “Sex” in the title.

So what’s the deal with that “Untitled Project”? Turns out it’s probably just ‘Gossip Girl,’ which is almost the same thing. New York readers, keep an eye out for those signature orange signs, and let us know if you if you spy ‘SATC’.

image: Cinema Blend

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