Announcing a new series releasing in June 2009

Traveling the world through your favorite movies.


Museyon Guides’ curators from around the world have composed this guidebook to inform you — the armchair film critic, the rampant moviegoer, the bona fide celluloid aficionado — of exactly where to go. Why just dream of the places you see in cinema? Instead, explore the terrain with the help of these carefully crafted cultural companions.

Travel the world through the lens of your favorite film scenes and discover the best locations for your next picture-perfect vacation.

> Each guide contains hundreds of color photographs that jump off the pages of each pocket-sized guide.
> Each guide references a multitude of movies: Europe references 199 films; Asia, Oceania & Africa references 139 films; and North America & South America references 198 films.
> Meticulously researched and curated by film reviewers, producers, directors, historians and location specialists from every angle.
> A personalized introduction kicks off each book with the editor’s very personal take on the best the region has to offer.
> The Museyon Guides are the only guidebooks that offer a range of thematic tours geared for film buffs.
> Mix and match these tours to create their your own unforgettable trip. Months’ worth of excursions in each title.

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