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Chronicles: Trinity Church Cemetery


Trinity Church has the oldest parish in New York City and with that comes lots of parishioners who when they die, are looking to stay close to the church for all eternity. In 1842, when the church ran out of room in their Wall St and Broadway cemetery, they had to look for space elsewhere. They found that space on the Upper West Side, between Broadway and Riverside Drive on West 153rd St. on what was once John James Audubon’s estate, at the Church of the Intercession.

Over the years, the burial grounds have been the final resting place for many famous New Yorkers and Americans including four generations of the Astor family, three members of the 1960s girl group The Ronettes, John James Audubon, Alfred D’Orsay Tennyson Dickens (son of Charles Dickens), Eliza Jumel (wife of Aaron Burr), five U.S. Congressmen, two New York City mayors and the actor Jerry Orbach. There are also two bronze plaques at the cemetery commemorating the Battle of Fort Washington, which included some of the fiercest fighting of the Revolutionary War and was fought near there.
Trinity Cemetery
770 Riverside Drive, New York, NY‎ – (212) 368-1600‎

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