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Chronicles: General Theological Seminary

General Theological Seminary Gate 
There are few locations in Manhattan, outside of Central Park of course, to escape the noise and congestion that accompanies city life. Most small parks are framed by busy traffic and the green spaces along the shores are surrounded by highways. But nestled on 9th avenue in Chelsea is a campus that will bring peace to any soul looking for a quiet moment.

The General Theological Seminary was founded in 1817 and sits on land that once was an apple orchard belonging to Clement Clarke Moore. Moore was a professor of Oriental and Greek Literature but also was the author of the holiday poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ that helped create the image of the saint we know today. The quad of the school is a gardened space that is completely hidden behind a wall of Gothic Revival buildings designed by the architect George Coolidge Haight between 1883 and 1902. The space allows visitors to feel transported back in time and is often used for movie and tv shoots.
Today, the seminary also houses the Desmond Tutu Center which is used for conferences, weddings and has accommodations for overnight guests. To enter, find the modern exterior door and sign in at the desk. You’ll be shown to another set of doors that will lead to the campus.
General Theological Seminary
175 Ninth Avenue, New York City, NY 10011

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