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Cast of Characters

Max Knight (35)
Max is a world-renowned American genetics researcher and professor, a licensed medical doctor, and a Nobel Prize candidate. But in spite of his exceptional mind and successful career, his is a tortured soul. A dark family secret haunts him. Unlocking that secret drives him, even if it means fighting against the Fourth Reich to obtain the data he needs to save his fatally ill brother—and ultimately himself.

Katarina “Katya” Lang (28)
Max’s loyal and enamored assistant, is brave, compassionate, determined, and exceptionally skilled. Like Max, her academic qualifications are impeccable, with degrees in medicine and biochemistry from universities in Dresden and Berlin, as well as Stanford in the United States. With a specialty in molecular biology, computer skills that are second to none, and a loving and optimistic nature, Katya proves to be much more than a worthy assistant to Max.

Joseph Feldman (73)
A cultivated gentleman with a British accent, Joseph is a seasoned operative and a high-ranking agent in a globally active Nazi hunting organization. A Holocaust survivor, Joseph has made it his life’s mission to capture or kill any and all Nazis still on the run. After Joseph discovers there are Nazi operatives who seem not to have aged a day in the sixty-odd years since the end of World War II, he targets Max as an ally due to his genetic research. Standing at over six feet three and strong and agile for his age, Feldman is a calm but dauntless force who is, in many ways, the hero of this story.

Jacob “Jake” Horowitz (40)
A fellow Nazi hunter and subordinate of Feldman, Jake is an unlikely sidekick. He is rotund and clumsy, but cheerful and lovable. He shows up just when he’s needed, and he also brings some welcome comic relief to tense situations.

Simon (70s)
Another of Feldman’s subordinates who has been with him for many years, Simon simmers with anger over the Nazis’ cruelty to Jews during the war, and will stop at nothing to get revenge for the inhumane medical procedures inflicted upon him and his twin sister when they were barely teenagers.

Reinhard Benchell (115)
One of the most vile Nazis, Benchell was known for committing unspeakable atrocities for his own sick amusement. As a recipient of one of the Nazis’ life-extending experiments, he is still alive at over 100, and evades capture time and time again by altering his appearance and using other men as decoys. He and his evil cohorts scheme to bring the Nazis back to power as an eternally youthful army.

Carius Gehlen (111)
A man whose wickedness and cruelty rivaled Benchell’s, Gehlen is a former Nazi official who, through the secrets of the Gene of Life, lives without aging. He finally dies in a bombing at a neo-Nazi rally, but leaves behind a severed hand whose DNA Max examines—resulting in the first clue that would lead Max and his allies to uncover the Nazi conspiracy plot.

Otto Gerhard (108)
Yet another of the forever-young Nazi remnants, Gerhard, an accomplished scientist who considers Max as a genius on his level, continues to pursue the unholy grail of true immortality through human experimentation and unchecked savagery.

Dona, an Indigenous Brazilian, bears the coveted Gene of Life. Although the gene slows down her aging process and boosts her body’s healing capabilities, she becomes a victim of the bombing at the neo-Nazi rally, where she dies alongside her husband, Carius Gehlen.

Aska (Tania) (14)
Tania is the daughter of Dona and Gehlen. Max and Katya meet her in the depths of the Amazon jungle. Kidnapped by the Nazis for her valuable Gene of Life, she is the only hope of a cure for Max and his brother.

Artyom Yunov
The Nazis’ inside man in the Vatican, Father Yunov succumbed to the temptation of eternal life on Earth, but in doing so had to follow the Nazis’ demands. Is this morally compromised cleric friend or foe?


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