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Bloody Good Idea

thirstWith so many films coming out every day, how do you get attention for your new release? You’ve got to get creative.

The people behind director (and Museyon favorite) Park Chan-wook‘s new vampire film Thirst (Bakjwi) definitely went all out, sending a very realistic looking blood bag to the New York Times. The catch? Instead of being filled with platelets, these bags contained a flavored drink — complete with straws. The cleverly icky move ties in to the movie’s plot, about a priest who  becomes a vampire after a botched blood transfusion. Creative film tie-ins? We say cheers to that!

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[Update]: It looks like the Times are the only ones who got some creepy mail from the people at Thirst. See what the folks over at Cinema Blend have to say about their pair of IV bags and watch a cool new clip from the film. Now we can’t help but wonder … How does that stuff taste?


Photo: Mekado Murphy/NYT

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