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Barbie does Vermeer

The Girl with the Pearl Earring Barbie
It’s always cool to see art get a contemporary re-do, like the latest project from the amazing online Barbie Museum. As a birthday present to the buxom blonde — who turned the big 5-0 in 2009 — doll-lover Jocelyne Grivaud has recast Barbie into iconic images from throughout art history, from magazine covers to movie still an even the Statue of Liberty. But our personal favorite is her take on Vermeer’s famous ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring‘, as the artist, and the painting, are the stars of our upcoming Art + Travel Europe. And as usual, homegirl looks even better than the real thing (and better than ScarJo’s turn as the famous painting, too, if you really want our opinion…) [refinery29]

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