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Armchair Traveler: Munch and Oslo

Edvard Munch’s iconic Scream changed the course of art history, and has become one of the most reproduced works of art in the world. It’s become one of the most expensive, too, selling for nearly $120 million in May.   The artist was born 149 years ago this week in Ådalsbruk, Norway. Soon after, his family moved to the capital ... Read More »

News: Museum Unaware of Munch Theft

  Officials at the Malmö Museum in southern Sweden were shocked to hear that police had discovered three of its stolen works of art in an unrelated raid in nearby Landskrona, especially because they had no idea the paintings were stolen.   “I got a real shock when the police called me at lunchtime yesterday. You don’t think that this ... Read More »

News: Munch at NGA, D.C.

The National Gallery newest exhibition, ‘Edvard Munch: Master Prints,’ has just opened to much acclaim in Washington D.C. The exhibition, which will run through October 31st, features 60 of Munch’s most important prints in order to show “how his persistent experimentation and virtuosic handling of woodcut, lithography, and intaglio endowed different impressions of his primary motifs with new meanings.” Munch’s ... Read More »

News: Munch Print Breaks Records

It has been revealed that Tuesday at Bonham’s Auction House in London, a print of Munch’s controversial ‘Madonna’ from 1895 sold at auction for a record breaking $1.91 million, while estimates were in the $1 million range. The print is thought to be the first hand painted version of the image, which features Munch’s mistress Dagny Juel posing as the ... Read More »

News: This Summer at the Munch Museum

This summer The Munch Museum in Oslo will be presenting Highlights from the Permanent Collection. On view will of course be the famous The Scream along with Munch’s Madonna and several works not normally found on the museum’s walls. The young artist is represented by a handful of works from the 1880s. In a separate hall are shown several of ... Read More »

Munch in Pop Culture

Since we’re on the topic of Munch today, we thought we’d take a look at how this enigmatic and deeply depressive artist’s most famous work has become one of the most influential and most recognizable in pop-culture. It’s an image that writers and filmmakers can’t seem to shake and we know, you know exactly which one we’re talking about…   ... Read More »

A Rare Chance to Buy a Munch

Here at Museyon we love museums, but when it comes to getting up close and personal with great art, nothing beats the auction house. Almost once a season (the big auctions happen in November and May) a rare gem turns up, bringing a bit of adrenaline to the auction house. This time it’s Christie’s and Fertility, one of the last ... Read More »

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