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The Scene in Six Songs: Ireland

U2's 360° Tour in Ullevi, Sweden

For the third edition of his six-song tour, Museyon Guide James Hendicott tackles his biggest challenge yet — Ireland. See the Galway-based writer’s homegrown picks, after the jump… Read More »

Museyon’s Guide to…Belfast Queen’s Festival

Picture 7

  Begun in the 1960s by Michael Emmerson, then a student at Queen’s University in Belfast, the Belfast Queens Festival has gone on to become the largest music and arts festival in Northern Ireland. The festival began as as a week long event taking place on the Queen’s University campus but has now expanded into three weeks and into venues ... Read More »

Spotlight On…Sugar Club, Dublin


  Originally built as The Irish Film Theatre in 1963, The Sugar Club reopened the defunct theatre in 1999 after it lay unoccupied for 14 years following the theatre’s closure in 1985. Now, The Sugar Club plays host to a variety of nights including swing dancing, comedy and film.   One of the most talked about features of the club ... Read More »

Music Interview: Niall Byrne + Dublin

Dublin Castle, Chester Beatty Library

  In 2005, Niall Byrne founded the music blog Nialler9 as a place for him to discuss the music he loves, from folk to hip-hop. Since then, his well-crafted site and passion for music has led Nialler9 to become Ireland’s most popular music blog and for Niall to writing gigs at newpapers and magazines as well as a position on ... Read More »

Spotlight On…Wall of Fame, Dublin


  The Temple Bar area of Dublin lies just on the south bank of the River Liffey, which divides the city. This small, historical, section of Dublin still preserves its medieval street pattern and is now the arts center of Dublin by day, with over a dozen cultural institutions, and raucous, party central at night, attracting mainly tourists on the ... Read More »

Chronicles: NYC’s Hidden Burial Ground

Washington Square Park in the 1880s, via Ephemeral NY

The history of New York City is written in its streets but sometimes, that history is meant to remain covered. This is what construction workers discovered last October during renovations to Washington Square Park that turned-up a disturbing surprise, a tombstone. There is a reason why digging in the park is allowed only to go as deep as three feet ... Read More »

Music Interview: DJ Wool + Berlin


Glen Brady, aka DJ Wool, is a DJ and Music Producer, co founder of Berlin based label We Collect Enemies and a founding member of Indie Dance duo The Glass with Dominique Keegan of Plant Records (co-owned by Hip hop pioneer Stretch Armstrong). A Dublin native and Berlin transplant via Brooklyn (did you get all that?) Brady has been tearing-up ... Read More »

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